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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Flipping Out

Part 1

Part 2
"Could you do a swap between a 30 year old guy's and his girlfriend, aged 30 with the guy's buxom teenager sister? And then him dealing with his sister acting like an annoying brat in his former girlfriend's body and his girlfriend coming onto him in his former sister's body."

Seeing the Beauty of it

"can you make a caption in which a teen boy is swapped into the body of this woman due to the great shift, and at first thinks his life will be terrible, but he eventually ends up loving his body? thanks!"

This picture was requested as well.


"Hey I was wondering if I could request a caption were either myself or some other guy gets body swapped with Bella Thorne through the great shift thanks for listening. "

Animal in Bed

"i love your animal caps! Could you do one where a girl swaps bodies with her dog right before she was about to have sex with her boyfriend?"

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Back in the Day

Part 1

Part 2

"Awesome! I love the idea of a very strong character swapping places with someone much weaker. Could you make one were an increasingly decrepit Arnold Schwarzenegger tries to steal the body of a younger bodybuilder with a spell, but fails and ends inside the body of a tiny but cute woman? And he can't even go back to his old body because once they swapped, his victim panicked an had a fatal heart attack. Thanks a lot, you are the best! "

Coworkers First

"Hi, wondering if you could use this picture in a m2f caption. Steven, 35, accidentally swaps with OR steals the body of his supervisor, Liz, 32, at work (retail store). Steven is single and a virgin, Liz is married to husband Eric."

This picture was also requested.

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